Welcome to Salsiando Salsa Academy, where we specialize in teaching the Cuban/Casino style salsa! Our experienced instructor Rafael is dedicated to providing the highest quality salsa education to all levels of dancers, from beginners to advanced.

Rafael Sassy Rodriguez Salsiando Cuban Salsa Leiden Netherlands

Senior Lecturer Salsiando​

Rafael Sassy Rodriquez

Rafael’s passion for salsa runs deep, as he has been dancing since he was a young boy. He honed his skills and graduated from the prestigious Conservatorio Nacional de Danza y Arte in Cuba, located in the vibrant city of Havana. His background and experience are truly exceptional, as there are very few salsa teachers in the Netherlands with such a rich and diverse background.

Courses agenda

July 1 - August 4

This is our 5-week lesson program! Let’s get started on your journey of learning and growth!


19:30 – Beginners

21:00 – Intermediates


19:30 – Beginners advanced

21:00 – Intermediates advanced


19:30 – Beginners

21:00 – Rueda de Casino 1


14:30  Beginners

16:00 – Rueda de Casino 2

Salsiando lessons prices


Single lesson


Course of 5 lessons


Course of 10 lessons


Course of 20 lessons


Course of 30 lessons


Private lesson for 1 person (1.5 hours)


Private lesson for 2 persons (1.5 hours)

About salsiando

Salsiando Salsa Academy specializes in teaching Casino salsa, a vibrant dance style originating from Cuba. Stemming from the 1970s, when it was introduced internationally as Cuban-style salsa or Salsa Cubana, Casino salsa distinguishes itself through its rich history and rhythmic complexity. 

At Salsiando, our emphasis lies not only in mastering intricate turns but also in honing the body and fundamentals essential for authentic expression. We believe salsa is more than just a series of steps; it’s a dynamic form of partner dance that allows individuals to communicate and connect through movement.

Our curriculum guides dancers from beginner levels through to advanced stages, seamlessly blending intricate footwork, partner dynamics, and captivating spins to create a truly immersive and fulfilling dance experience.

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Salsa Leiden

Noche Cubana

Cuban night every Friday from 10pm

Are you ready to spice up your night with dancing salsa at Salsiando?

So gather your friends, grab your dancing shoes, and don’t forget your drinks! This is going to be an unforgettable night filled with amazing music, great company, and plenty of fun.

Bring your own drinks!

Non-members pay entrance fee of €10

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Rafael Sassy Rodriguez Salsiando Cuban Salsa Leiden Netherlands


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